Looking Glass Optometry Offers the Optos Retinal Exam Using Optomap for Precise Evaluations

PLEASANT HILL, Calif., Oct. 09, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Patients and their eye health can now benefit from the optomap, reports Looking Glass Optometry. The optomap provides a thorough exam including an evaluation of the retina, which gives eye doctors the ability to recognize early signs of serious diseases without dilation drops. Patients can receive alerts and begin treatment for diseases including, stroke, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes as well as a review of their eye health. Looking Glass Optometry’s new optomap gives optometrists and patients the ability to diagnose and treat a number of conditions early.

“The Optos retinal exam, using the optomap, is a safe and effective diagnostic tool that evaluates eye health by providing early detection of serious conditions,” explains Dr. Eileen Cheng of Looking Glass Optometry. “As an experienced optometrist, I can testify that the optomap provides superior evaluative and diagnostic capabilities.”

Patients can rely upon the optomap for fast and comfortable eye exams. A patient of any age looks into the optomap, a single eye at a time. A flash of light occurs when an image of the eye is taken. Most people do not need dilation drops for a good Optomap image. It takes less than a second to capture an image, which is then available for immediate review. The optomap shows over 80% of a retina while traditional methods show only 15% of the retina at one time. Patients benefit from early alerts and protection from vision impairment, retinal disease or blindness. The exam also allows optometrists to detect possible life-threatening conditions, including, stroke, cancer and cardiovascular disease. There have been no known adverse effects reported in more than 39 million sessions. Adults and even children in early childhood can take advantage of the early detection abilities of the optomap.

“The entire family can feel comfortable while receiving the Optos retinal exam. Patients get a more comprehensive exam of their eye health than traditional means by having a baseline of their retina that the doctor can use to compare for subsequent eye exams. Early detection makes all the difference in treatment and outcomes,” says Dr. Kevin Dong.

Dr. Eileen Cheng and Dr. Kevin Dong provide primary eye care and vision services to residents of Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek and Lafayette, California. The staff at Looking Glass Optometry provides comprehensive eye care including eye exams, prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, hard-to-fit multifocal lenses and treatment for eye conditions. The entire family can have their eye care needs met at Looking Glass Optometry.

Call (925) 687-7638 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about Optos retinal exams using the optomap. Further details on their eye care services can be found on their website at http://lookingglassoptometry.com/.

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