A&D Inspection Features Quality Control Systems in Metal Detection and Checkweighing at IBIE 2016

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Attendees at this year’s International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) will get a glimpse into the future of metal detection and checkweighing with the newest line of in-line inspection and weighing products from A&D Inspection, the newly-launched division of precision measurement technology leader, A&D Corporation.

Located in booth 11663 at this year’s exposition, A&D Inspection is featuring two flagship product lines: the AD-4971 Series Metal Detector and the AD-4961 Checkweigher. The recipient of this year’s North America Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership award, the systems offer simple and flexible quality control solutions for baking industry manufacturers of all sizes, and are customizable to fit specific production line and in-line process needs.

“We are thrilled to be able to feature our newest business division – A&D Inspection – and its award-winning product lines at this year’s IBIE,” said Bill Maher, Director, Instrumentation and Weighing Solutions, A&D Americas. “The show’s attendees share an appreciation for innovation and a commitment to R&D in the industry, and will appreciate the infusion of precision measurement technology from other A&D businesses into our new inspection solutions.”

A&D Inspection’s products were designed to bring new levels of critical control and quality assurance for businesses across a wide range of industries, including the baking industry.

“We offer solutions with extreme flexibility and precision, reducing production-associated costs and allowing easy integration into existing production lines to ensure highest quality assurance at critical control points,” said Daniel Cannistraci, product manager for A&D Inspection.

Product Line-up at IBIE 2016
The AD-4971 Series Metal Detector utilizes proprietary digital signal process (DSP) technology to achieve high-sensitivity metal detection through easy-to-use operation, allowing companies to provide safe products to their customers.

The AD-4961 Series Checkweigher also utilizes DSP technology created within A&D’s Automotive group to deliver an incredible level of accuracy in high-speed weighing. This ensures organizations can consistently achieve production balance – minimizing the distribution of materials above or below specified weights.

“As a nod to our goal of bringing new levels of precision control to assembly line processes of all sizes, our product solutions can also work in tandem with one another through simple digital input and output mapping,” said Mr. Cannistraci. “This provides our customers with the ability to more precisely control their production quality as well as implement additional functionality, such as a rejector stage, to further enhance product quality and compliance.”

About A&D Inspection:
A business unit of A&D Engineering and part of the A&D Americas family of businesses, A&D Inspection is based in San Jose, Calif. Leveraging A&D’s more than 40 years of experience with technology innovation in the development of precision measurement and control products, A&D Inspection provides quality assurance and critical control points for application in myriad manufacturing industries. For more information on the newest A&D division, please visit http://www.andinspection.com.

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Source: A&D Inspection