Facial Recognition Technology and Patent Portfolio Offered by Sensible Vision

RALEIGH, N.C. and CAPE CORAL, Fla., Oct. 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sensible Vision and Adapt IP Ventures announce the availability for licensing or purchase of Sensible Vision’s facial authentication and recognition technology and patent portfolio. The Sensible Vision patent portfolio and technology offers considerable improvement over existing solutions and particularly offers benefits to industries ranging from financial services to car sharing services / automotive companies to mobile devices manufacturers. The Sensible Vision patent portfolio includes multiple issued U.S. patents and a pending patent application.

“Perfected in the field with 10 million users, Sensible Vision’s IP uniquely addresses the most vexing problems with face recognition including accuracy, operation in low/no light, spoofing prevention (liveness detection) while offering the fastest multi-factor user experience,” stated George Brostoff, Sensible Vision’s CEO and Co-Founder. “More importantly, it requires no special hardware or cameras to achieve this unprecedented performance.”

Facial recognition systems must be fast to process images, accurate in its recognition and capable of tracking changes in facial features and lighting conditions. Sensible Vision offers technologies and patents that meet these demands and have been widely deployed in both consumer and enterprise settings.

“Adapt IP has been working with numerous market leading companies that seek to build innovative technologies protected by a robust and growing patent portfolio to develop IP-based partnerships,” stated Grant Moss, Founder and CEO of Adapt IP Ventures. “The value of this patent portfolio can certainly be realized across numerous industry verticals which should make the offering that much more attractive to partners.”

Representative Markets:

  • Automotive and Car Sharing Services – Companies like Uber and other automotive manufacturers are introducing facial authentication via selfie verification for drivers to gain control of the vehicle. This technology promotes passenger safety and prevents thefts of vehicles.
  • Financial Service Providers – Banks and other financial service companies are introducing facial recognition technologies to improve account security.
  • Mobile Device Manufacturers – Facial recognition, through providers like Sensible Vision, are securing devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones for greater privacy protection and to reduce theft.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) - Able to function on low/power/low cost devices, Sensible Vision’s face recognition can make IoT devices automatically personalized while protecting the user’s privacy and data.

Companies interested in receiving more information on the Sensible Vision technology and patent portfolio are encouraged to contact Grant Moss directly at grant@adaptipventures.com.

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About Sensible Vision Inc.
Headquartered in Cape Coral FL, Sensible Vision (http://www.sensiblevision.com) is the leading provider of face authentication and continuous security software. Sensible Vision’s flagship product, FastAccess™ provides quick and continuous authentication and access control for computers and mobile apps. Using patented biometric facial recognition and supporting technologies, it speeds and simplifies access to the computer in a way that is economical and easy to deploy with an SDK or as a turnkey solution.

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