GoHealthNow Expands Wellness Programs to Support West Coast Business Demand

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Oct. 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GoHealthNow, the newest community for total wellness, today announced its business expansion in California. GoHealthNow empowers consumers to take personal responsibility for their health and enables employers to author a results-based health benefits strategy that encourages personal responsibility, and rewards employees for engagement. Coupled with access to over 250,000 products, entry to a leading medical community via telemedicine and thousands of resources for daily wellness, GoHealthNow makes total healthcare a streamlined part of daily life.

“We are excited to launch new partnerships within GoHealthNow, as our goal remains to deliver superior access to a wide and diverse group of industries and consumers alike,” says Susan Kim-VanDongen, Chief Financial Officer, GoHealthNow. “We aim to help companies and their employees realize measurable change and progress to create a healthier, more productive workforce.”

Unlike traditional, self-reported programs, GoHealthNow can grant an assessment of employees’ health and wellness while providing each with a personalized health profile to set specific goals and measure progress. GoHealthNow is led by professionals who can assist each employee with their wellness profile through a mobile GoHealthNow App at their corporate work place. Employees are provided with an online dashboard to track their wellness, nutrition, and even appointments.

About GoHealthNow
GoHealthNow helps organizations, communities and individuals achieve their total health objectives by providing a platform that allows access to leading medical practitioners, products, forums, and wellness communities. GoHealthNow’s approach delivers uncompromising quality and value. Additional information can be found at www.gohealthnow.com.

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Source: GoHealthNow