PetVivo’s Kush Canine is Helping Rescue Dogs To Thrive

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PetVivo’s Kush Canine is Helping Rescue Dogs To Thrive

MINNEAPOLIS, MN October 12, 2016 PetVivo Holdings, Inc. (OTCPINK:PETV) an emerging biomedical device company focused on the commercialization of innovative medical devices and therapeutics for pets is seeing long-term success by allowing rescue dogs suffering from osteoarthritis and joint pain to thrive.

Kush Canine is helping rescue agency dogs who under foster family care to improve their quality of life - immediately and long-term. A foster parent commented, “Immediately after Kush Canine treatment our dog walked up and down the outside concrete stairs, something he resisted prior to the treatment with Kush.”

Five days following Kush Canine treatment a rescue dog caretaker noted, “He is much changed. Primarily, he seems to have more confidence, and is rapidly becoming the alpha dog in the house.”

In a follow-up nine days after a Kush Canine injection the foster parent of a twelve-year-old Labrador Retriever commented, “Raider continues to rejuvenate daily. It is no exaggeration to say this is a different dog. He is so much happier, bossier and playful. Rather than dragging himself behind Madden, they are now playful buddies.

Because the protein-based particles in Kush Canine are not enzymatically degraded they remain in the joint space long-term and continue to act as artificial cartilage by providing cushioning that improves joint function and often eliminates pain. Three-months following Kush treatment Raider’s foster parent noted, “Our friend Raider continues to thrive. It is not just movement. It is personality.”

“We are very pleased to help improve the quality of life of these suffering dogs,” noted PetVivo’s Chief Technical Officer, Dr. David B. Masters, “We have seen similar results well beyond twelve months in both dogs and horses. We look forward to helping others suffering from debilitating and painful effects of osteoarthritis and other afflictions that degrade joint function.”
PetVivo’s lead product, Kush Canine, a Veterinarian-administered joint injection for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs, is currently available for sale in limited quantities to key opinion leaders, with a targeted launch slated for later this year.
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About PetVivo Holdings, Inc.
PetVivo Holdings Inc. (OTCPINK: PETV) is an emerging biomedical device company focused on the licensing and commercialization of innovative medical devices for pets and pet therapeutics. PetVivo is leveraging investments made in the human medical device industry to commercialize therapeutics for pets in a capital and time efficient way. A key component of this strategy is the accelerated timeline to revenues for veterinary medical devices, which enter the market much earlier than the more stringently regulated pharmaceuticals.
PetVivo's strategy is to commercialize proprietary products from human medical device companies specifically for the companion animal market. The company’s product pipeline includes seventeen animal and human therapeutics. A portfolio of twenty patents protects the company’s products, production processes and biomaterials. PetVivo’s lead product, a veterinarian-administered joint injection for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs, is scheduled for commercial launch later this year.
The Company will also be seeking licensing partners to commercialize its portfolio of proprietary human clinical therapeutics in large market sectors, including: cardiovascular, orthopedic, urology and aesthetics.
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