Duke University Medical Center Renews Software License with SynGlyphX®,

ALEXANDRIA, VA, Oct. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ALEXANDRIA, VA - SynGlyphX®, the leading provider of 3D interactive data visualization and discovery technology, announced today that Duke University Medical Center has renewed and increased the number of its licenses for the SynGlyphX® GlyphIT® suite of software. The GlyphIT® suite simplifies interactions with complex data for nontechnical users. An interactive 3D visual representation of data, GlyphIT® allows users to see more of their data at one time on a single screen, so they can more quickly discover insights in their data.

Schultz describes the analytical efficiencies and effectiveness of GlyphIT® in a paper: On Your Mark, Get Set Go, Using data visualization software to get there quicker and without missing landmarks - a case study in healthcare research. Schultz has presented the paper at peer conferences and events. Duke Medical Center and SynGlyphX have submitted a new paper for publication.

Duke University Medical Center renewed its’ GlyphIT® licenses to augment traditional research methodologies. In 2015, using the GlyphIT® suite of software, the Duke University Medical Center team discovered that tonsillectomy patients of Hispanic ethnicity had a 312% higher likelihood of a post-operative bleed rate. The team was reviewing tonsillectomy data within GlyphIT® to discover insights that were previously unseen in the standard methods of analysis.

“SynGlyphX adds significant efficiencies to our research,” says Kristine A. Schulz, DrPHa of Duke Medical Center. “When we analyze our data within its’ GlyphIT®, we can quite literally see patterns, trends, and anomalies in the data that we do not find in traditional analysis.”

“Working with Duke Medical Center has been incredibly rewarding,” said Mark Sloan Co-founder and CEO of SynGlyphX. “The discoveries that they have made using its’ GlyphIT® have far reaching impacts for patients, medical practitioners and researchers. Their renewal is further proof of the power of SynGlyphX® to help people to discover insights that change their world.”

SynGlyphX® understands how the mind assimilates and processes complex data. Its unique approach to interactive visualization technology is enhanced by Perceptual Engineering -- the optimal design of a visual environment to enable the user to more efficiently interact with and synthesize complex data sets. This approach is supported by decades of academic and government-funded research on how the mind best understands and processes complex data.

Government CIO Outlook has ranked SynGlyphX™ among the Top 10 Big Data Solution Providers 2016.

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