NACD Global Board Leaders’ Summit: Making an Investment in Corporate Culture

WASHINGTON, Oct. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the standard setter for responsible board leadership, held its annual Global Board Leaders’ Summit from September 17–20. More than 1,300 board members and business leaders from around the world were in attendance to gather insights on some of the most pressing issues confronting board leadership. While the summit allowed for a deep probe of the issues themselves, the importance of company culture served as the central theme throughout.

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Positioning company culture as a key driver of corporate strategy is not a novel concept. Companies such as Google and Facebook have long set the bar for other companies in this regard. Clearly, this philosophy has paid dividends.

At NACD’s Global Board Leaders’ Summit, the message of fostering a purposeful culture, one which inspires employees and creates a vibrant workplace, resonated widely with attendees.

Many of the brightest minds on this subject were on hand to share their personal experiences and highlight the growing awareness around the need for a company's narrative to integrate the key themes that reflect the values of its stakeholders–going beyond earnings and profits.

Among them were:

  • Dr. Rajendra Sisodia, CEO of Conscious Capitalism and director of The Container Store;
  • Phil Gilbert, general manager of IBM; and
  • Ron Williams, chair and CEO of RW2 Enterprises LLC, former chair and CEO of Aetna Inc., and director of American Express Co., Boeing Co., Johnson & Johnson, and Envision Healthcare.

When it comes to contributing to the public interest, it is evident that board leaders increasingly have come to understand the need to move from rhetoric to action. NACD’s summit helped to spur momentum to that end.

Ken Daly, NACD CEO, noted that “the intersection of the corporation and the community is not a passing fad. The investment in one’s community, whether that be quality of life or improving employment, can fundamentally strengthen business and, at the same time, serve to address critical social challenges. NACD looks forward to being a part of this transformational change.”

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