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Starbucks to feature drink recipes made exclusively by its baristas

Source: Starbucks

Starbucks baristas have been given free rein over the coffee shops' flavor pumps. At least, for the next few weekends.

From pumpkin pie chai lattes to fall harvest macchiato Frappuccinos, coffee lovers will be able to try unique and tasty fall drinks during the weekends of Oct. 13-16 and Oct. 20-23.

More than 7,500 U.S. Starbucks locations will feature "Barista Originals," customized versions of traditional Starbucks beverage recipes.

"I came up with a few ideas based on what I tend to drink, which is usually over ice," Andrew Vagner, a shift supervisor at a Starbucks in Cleveland, said in a statement. "The customization idea I submitted was a pumpkin spice cold brew topped with breve, which includes pumpkin spice sauce for a hint of spicy sweetness and cream on top to add a smooth richness. I love how it looks when the cream floats down over the ice in the cup."

Vagner was one of five baristas who had their recipes selected by the company as "feature beverages," suggestions for other Starbucks locations to try during the weekends. However, it seems that most baristas are trying out their own concoctions.

Here are some of the customized Starbucks drinks you could see at a store near you: