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Shocked that Trump is actually the Republican candidate: Fashion designer Tom Ford

Why Tom Ford finds Trump ‘shocking’

For the world-renowned fashion designer and film director, Tom Ford, it's "pretty surprising and shocking" that Republican candidate Donald Trump has made it this far in the 2016 presidential race.

"I think Donald Trump — I think it's shocking that he's even a candidate. I think that he's living in a post factual era. Nothing seems to matter. He can say things, do things," Ford told CNBC's Tania Bryer.

With less than a month to go until the election, the tension is rising as to who the country will pick as its future president. Recent polls have shown that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is holding a slight lead over Trump.

Trump's conduct has been put under the microscope as of late, in particular in the past week after footage surfaced showing the Republican candidate making comments widely interpreted as inappropriate and derogatory towards women.

"I'm absolutely voting for Hillary (Clinton) and I'm praying that she wins," Ford added, saying he thought it was "pretty surprising and shocking that (Trump's) actually the Republican candidate. I don't actually know how that happened."

The cautionary tale of 'Nocturnal Animals'

Aside from being a world-famous fashion designer, Ford has been working on his directing career in recent years, having just completed his second movie "Nocturnal Animals", a thriller starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Speaking about "Nocturnal Animals", a film based on Austin Wright's novel "Tony and Susan", Ford talked about why he chose to direct this story and what he hoped viewers would take away from his films.

Tom Ford on his directing style

"Well the ultimate theme in the story — for me because I think everyone has to read something and then take away what speaks to you and that's what is ultimately on screen — is that it's important to find people in your life that you care about, that you love, not throw them away," he said.

"This is a cautionary tale about what can happen to you when you disregard those people and you toss them aside and that's what our character Susan does and it ultimately damages her life."

"I'm old-fashioned. I think (films) should have a moral to the story. When you leave the cinema, you should be haunted maybe or think about what you've seen. It should mean something … I would like to think that people take away something from my films."

It's been seven years since Ford directed his first and only other movie "A Single Man", but in the future Ford told CNBC he was aiming for three years until he did his next, yet to be fully decided film.

"I certainly never intended for it to be seven years, and I don't intend for the next one to be seven years either. Let's shoot for three," he said.

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