Royal Oak Veterinarian Woodside Animal Clinic Now Offering Physical Therapy Treatments with the Innovative Bemer Device

ROYAL OAK, Mich., Oct. 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Woodside Animal Clinic has just recently purchased a Bemer physical therapy device that they are using on their patients with orthopedic problems.

Bemer is a Class 1 FDA approved painless medical device that uses pulsed electromagnetic wave technology combined with an imbedded patented frequency, to increase circulation and oxygenation of diseased or damaged tissue. The patented frequency that is carried into the body on the pulsed magnetic wave results in dilation of the capillary vascular beds surrounding the part of the body being treated. The increased oxygen delivered to these tissues helps relieve pain and stimulates healing.

The treatment is short and painless and takes only eight minutes. It does not simply mask the pain but actually supports the body’s natural healing mechanisms. A pad is turned on and applied over the body area in question. The pet feels absolutely nothing. Repeated applications are necessary to further stimulate healing.

The Bemer Device is presently in use in over 4000 medical clinics and hospitals in Europe. To further establish its credibility the Bemer company has an agreement with NASA to investigate incorporating their technology into the undergarments of space suits with the goal of neutralizing the negative effects of no gravity on bone and muscle.

“I have been using the Bemer on myself to treat chronic hip and groin pain which I have had little success with using nutraceuticals. At the time of this press release I have used the Bemer for 1 month and would estimate that I am roughly 60 percent better,” Dr. John Simon announces. “I have used it on dogs and cats with muscular skeletal problems and have been very happy with the results,” he continues.

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Source:Woodside Animal Hospital