What's keeping you up at night this week?

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This week is setting up to be a busy one.

With earnings season kicking off in the U.S., the outlook for companies, at least on surface, looks gloomy.

Third-quarter earnings for companies on the S&P 500 are expected to decline on-year, but potential growth in revenue in key sectors such as health care, consumer discretionary and technology could bring earnings recession to an end.

On Friday, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen hinted the Fed could let stateside inflation run hot for a while, as she talked about the possible benefits of a "high-pressure economy."

The Fed's inflation target is about 2 percent, but the goal has remained elusive and triggered a lower-for-longer approach to interest rates. The remarks made by Yellen on Friday could be seen as the Fed potentially remaining on hold for a while longer.

Finally, this week marks the final presidential debate between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump before November's elections. Recent polls indicate Clinton, the Democratic nominee, is ahead of Trump, the GOP nominee.

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CNBC's Bob Pisani and Jeff Cox contributed to this report.

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