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Donald Trump: Will end government corruption if elected president

Donald Trump addresses supporters in Akron, Ohio.
Angelo Merendino | Getty Images

Donald Trump is claiming he'll "end government corruption" if he's elected to the White House.

The GOP nominee is adding to his ethics reform proposals at a rowdy Wisconsin rally. The push comes as he seeks to draw attention to the revelations contained in a rolling stream of hacked emails that contain unflattering information about his rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump says he wants to ban executive branch officials from lobbying the government for five years after they leave the White House - and wants Congress to do the same for members and their staffs.

He also wants to expand the definition of lobbyist and is calling for a lifetime ban on senior executive branch officials lobbying on behalf of foreign governments.

Donald Trump is also suggesting that House Speaker Paul Ryan has been undermining his campaign because he may be plotting his own White House run in 2020.

Trump speculated in an interview Monday with ABC that Ryan either didn't "know how to win" or "he wants to run in four years."

The Republican nominee has been sharply critical of Ryan since the speaker suggested earlier this month that he would do little to help Trump's campaign.

Trump appeared in Ryan's home state of Wisconsin on Monday, and many in the crowd chanted "Paul Ryan sucks."

Trump also claimed Ryan has not been supportive in investigating voter fraud, which the celebrity businessman had deemed a widespread problem without producing any evidence.

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