iView Limited in Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2016 (Autumn Edition) showing 1080p Screenless TV and releasing Ultra Short Throw pico projection technology and application

HONG KONG, Oct. 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iView Limited, leading in pico projection technology commercialization, participated in Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2016 (Autumn Edition). iView with a new design concept of pico projection of the day ", showed how the ultra short pico projection technology penetrated into daily life, home furnishing entertainment, commercial advertising and the future innovation applications. The booth was mainly divided into three area: home living area, entertainment and leisure area, commercial advertising and the future innovation zone.

iView participated in Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2016

iView introduced various application using pico projection technology

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1, Living Room Area

Screenless TV will redefine the TV concept, low power consumption, portable with battery powered for mobility. The screen size can be adjusted in any dimension, and it has no restrictions on any flat space. 1080P quality is to ensure the high definition picture. It can be freely used in the living room, bedroom, office, etc . In living room area, the child education device was showed, to play video, audio and games for children, so that children and parents can enjoy the entertainment from pico projection. The kitchen area showed Loki and ultra short projector with handheld touch sensitive control. Loki devices can not only help for easily controlling the kitchen equipment, but also carry out video conferencing, infant care. The ultra short projector can show the cooking TV program on the wall, and also to view other entertainment etc. iView hopes to provide the application of pico projection technology to all aspects of home life, to improve the quality of life of people, and bring people closely.

2, Entertainment and Leisure Area

Recreational area was to create a bar environment in unusual atmosphere, combined with intelligent sensor technology with pico projection technology in the environment, including background decoration, large screen projection technology, interactive video game entertainment projection sensor technology, lighting etc. In this projection atmosphere, people can enjoy the highly enjoy the activities.

3, Commercial Advertising and Innovation Area

iView brought in the ultra short throw projection technology to break the space constraints. The projection distance is shortened tremendously. It has the big advantage in commercial advertising. iView showed the concept that commercial product can be displayed by ultra short throw technology in various practical scenarios, such as metro, elevator, commercial building, etc. This are also showed some innovative applications for future, such as HUD, 3D dynamic projection with leap motion sensor, etc. iView’s advanced pico projection technology and innovative concepts is to prove the potential in the industry to bring unlimited business opportunity.

About iView – iVIew Limited is the world's leading pico projection module supplier, headquartered in Hong Kong, R & D, engineering and manufacturing center in Guangdong, China. The company's products are supplied to the various international brand of projection products and applications, such as PHILPS, ASUS,, SK Telecom, Motorola and Lenovo, etc. The product category is wide, like mobile devices embedded ultra compact module, mobile phone accessories products and home entertainment and office use of large power modules. In addition, iView Limited pico projection modules are also applied to a variety of industrial and medical fields, such as automotive head up display, 3D scanning and printing, as well as the medical vein finders.

iView is investing to the pico projection technology innovation, and involve the design and development of electronic design and the application for daily life, business, and certain science aspects. The company is committed to improve living experience, the commercial opportunity for the projection industry. iView keeps involving the innovation development, and also keeps on the improvement, to establish a high value ecosystem for customers and business partners in the pico projection industry.

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