U.S. Companies Lose Billions in Unclaimed VAT Refunds from Improper Registration & Procedures

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Euro VAT Refund®, Inc.; a leading U.S. financial services company specializing in Value Added Tax (VAT) registrations, management and refunds, today announced the availability of 5 VAT Educational Webinars designed to help U.S. companies meet international regulatory VAT compliance requirements. It is critical that companies follow proper registration and other procedures in advance of doing business in order to qualify for, receive, and maximize their VAT refund potential from the countries in the EU.

Euro VAT Refund clients include several Fortune 1,000, Fortune 500, and Fortune 100 companies as well as numerous small, medium, and large businesses. For immediate assistance, visit: http://www.eurovat.com, call (424) 603-6198, or email: vat@eurovat.com.

Euro VAT Refund – Webinar Series (1-5) – Available at No Charge – (15 min. each)
1.) Introduction to Value Added Tax (VAT)
2.) VAT Refunds on Travel, Trade Shows, Conferences, and Other Related Expenses
3.) VAT on Conferences and Events within EU
4.) VAT on Import and Drop Shipments within EU
5.) European VAT and E-Commerce

It is extremely important for companies to seek advice at the planning stage prior to any European business activity in order to avoid back taxes, penalties, and the loss of potential refunds. Review Client Case Studies.

About Euro VAT Refund, Inc.
Euro VAT Refund, Inc. is a leading U.S. financial services company specializing in assisting North American Companies with Value Added Tax (VAT) management, registration and refund when they do business internationally. VAT of 17-27% is often charged on goods imported to Europe and also on services such as corporate meetings, productions, tradeshows, hotel and transportation from the European vendors. This VAT is often refundable and it is essential for the North American company to already at the planning stage find out about the local European tax rules, since local VAT registration sometimes is required prior to a business activity in order to receive a VAT refund. In addition to assisting companies with VAT registrations and refunds, Euro VAT Refunds VAT experts frequently advises tax managers within the United States Departments of Commerce, Logistic companies, European embassies, consulates and trade offices in the United States. For more information, visit: http://www.eurovat.com, call (424) 603- 6198, or email: vat@eurovat.com.

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