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Cramer: Charts show grains, meats & metals will lead commodities higher

Cramer: Charts show grains, meats & metals will lead commodities higher

With oil now above $50 a barrel, Jim Cramer was shocked that commodities have performed much better than expected this year.

To get a read on the charts, Cramer spoke with Carley Garner, a technician and commodities expert who is the co-founder of DeCarley Trading and a colleague of Cramer's at

To find out where commodities could be headed, Garner looked at the charts of the most widely monitored commodity indices, the Goldman Sachs index and the Dow Jones commodity index.

Garner's research in the charts found that commodities could head even higher. Only this time, oil and gas won't lead the charge. It will be led by grains, meats and maybe metals.

Garner warned that the Goldman Sachs index doesn't always paint a clear picture of commodities, because it is heavily weighted towards oil and gas. Nevertheless, she thinks if the index can break out of its next barrier at $380, it could run all the way to the mid-$400s from there.

Garner found that the Dow Jones commodity index is more balanced than Goldman's. Its weekly chart indicated that commodities could have upward momentum.

And the good news is that the Dow Jones index is nowhere near its ceiling of resistance at $16.50. That's another 5 percent from where it closed on Tuesday.

If the Dow Jones index can break out above that level, she thinks it could quickly jump to $21, as the lower prices for agricultural products like corn, wheat, soybeans, hogs and cattle all return to natural levels.

"It's not like many of these commodities can go much lower. I mean, the price of corn is actually flirting with going beneath its cost of production. That's pretty much the floor, any lower and farmers will stop planting the stuff," Cramer said.

However, if the Dow Jones index falls below its floor of support at $14.80, Garner says it could be worrisome. Garner fears that oil and gas could still drag on the Dow Jones index, even though it does not have huge exposure.

While winter tends to be a seasonally bad time for natural gas, Garner still said not to bet against it. One cold snap could send the price skyrocketing again, like it did in 2014.

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