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Cramer: This CEO just crushed it, a stock worth owning


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Charter Communications: "I like the cable business very much, in full disclosure we own the stock of our parent Comcast, but I think cable is here and doing a lot of good things. And people keep underrating it."

CVS Health: "I like that idea. I think that the stock has come down too much because of one of the divisions that it has, and I think that is wrong. I think that the company itself is doing quite well."

SunPower Corp: "I don't like the solar companies. I don't think oil is going to explode up, and somehow they really do trade together. Even though I do think obviously, organically and theoretically they should not."

Clovis Oncology: "I like Clovis Oncology, but just as a spec, not as anything that is remotely like a Pfizer. You've got to understand that."

Arris International: "When it comes to speculative, I've been saying Twilio and Acacia. When it comes to conservative, I have been saying Cisco. My charitable trust owns Cisco ... I feel good about Cisco. I like that dividend, and I like I like the slow, nice projection."

Nordic American Tanker cutting its dividend: "That's why we gave up on Nordic American Tanker. I've got to tell you, don't buy. Enough is enough. Enough is enough with that!"

Tech Data: "Bob Dutkowsky [CEO], he crushed it! That is a stock worth owning. That was a great merger that he is doing. I think Tech Data is terrific."

Intercontinental Exchange: "I love that. More important, I want you to buy more ICE. We just did a nice profile of these exchanges and that company is making a lot of money. A lot of money."

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