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Hasbro CEO: Disney princesses bolstering business

Hasbro growth fueled by girl power: CEO

Hasbro earnings topped estimates Monday thanks to its girls business, which was bolstered by its contract with Disney, the toy maker's CEO, Brian Goldner, said Tuesday.

"We had always wanted to work more significantly with Disney, and we worked for many years to build our reputation in girls through consumer insights and creativity," Goldner told CNBC's "Squawk Box." "We were so happy to be given the right and the opportunity to build the princess and 'Frozen' business."

He said that Hasbro launched all 11 of Disney's princesses in toy form this year, and is expecting the media giant to continue producing more great content over the coming months.

And Hasbro's boys business is also on the rise, Goldner said. The company just began merchandising for Disney's newest addition to the "Star Wars" franchise, "Rogue One," which he expects to push his company's merchandising efforts for "Star Wars" to more than $5 million.

The "Transformers" franchise and Nerf business also continued to grow, he said.

"That's the goal of our franchise brand strategy: to drive our franchise brands to be billion-dollar brands over time," Goldner said. "We continue to see growth in our own brands through great storytelling and great consumer insights."

Hasbro reported overall revenue of $1.68 billion Monday, beating estimates for $1.56 billion. In addition, the company posted earnings per share of $2.03, above Thomson Reuters' estimates for $1.74 per share.

Demand for Disney products, particularly Princess, "Frozen" and "Trolls" dolls, drove third-quarter revenue for the girls toy category up 57 percent to $462 million.