NanoString Technologies Presents Update on Hyb & Seq™ Next-Generation Sequencing Chemistry at ASHG Annual Meeting

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NanoString Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:NSTG), a provider of life science tools for translational research and molecular diagnostic products, today announced an update on the company’s Hyb & Seq™ platform which is currently in development. Hyb & Seq is a library-free, amplification free single molecule sequencing technique that uses cyclic nucleic acid hybridization of fluorescent molecular barcodes onto native targets. The Hyb & Seq chemistry was first described at the 2016 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) conference. The development program has achieved significant technical milestones and NanoString will present a summary of the Hyb & Seq workflow for targeted cancer panel sequencing at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia. The workflow will be described in poster #2891/T, “From FFPE Tissue to Targeted Multiplex Panel Sequencing in Less than 60 Minutes Using Hyb & Seq™ Chemistry,” at 2:00pm PT on Thursday, October 20th.

Hyb & Seq chemistry is designed to provide unprecedented simplicity of workflow and is compatible with a wide variety of clinical samples such as FFPE, fresh frozen tissue, blood and fine needle aspirates, across a wide variety of applications including RNA and DNA sequencing with both short and long read capabilities. Hyb & Seq chemistry offers the potential for the simplest sequencing workflow, which NanoString believes is critical for driving adoption in clinical applications.

“NanoString’s Hyb & Seq chemistry has the potential to accelerate the adoption of Next-Generation Sequencing in clinical applications by vastly simplifying the workflow and minimizing the hands-on-time, personnel training, and infrastructure required to set-up and maintain a state-of-the-art NGS laboratory,” stated Joseph Beechem, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of R&D at NanoString. “We’re making excellent progress and plan to provide our next status report at AGBT 2017 in February.”

In addition, NanoString will be hosting a lunch seminar at ASHG to provide an update on the company’s 3D Biology™ program. The presentation, “3D Biology™: Simultaneous Single-Molecule Quantification of DNA (SNVs), mRNA, Fusion Genes and Proteins Using Molecular Barcodes,” will be held in Room 10 of the East Building, on Wednesday, October 19th from 1:00–2:30pm Pacific Time. Collaborators from MD Anderson Cancer Center and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center will present data that demonstrate the robustness and sensitivity of the assay across a wide range of FFPE samples. NanoString will be showcasing the nCounter® Analysis System at booth #512 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The company will also be presenting the following posters at the ASHG Annual Meeting.

Title: Oncology Biomarker Development: Simultaneous Digital Counting of Nucleic Acids and Proteins at 800-plex
Date/Time: Thursday October 20th, from 3:00 - 4:00pm PT
Authors: E. Manrao, D. Kim, et. al.
Program Number: 2876/T

Title: Multiplex Profiling of Cancer Driver Mutations: Detection of Single Nucleotide Variants (SNV) and Small Indels from Small Amounts of FFPE Sample on the nCounter® Analysis System
Date/Time: Friday October 21st from 2:00 - 3:00pm PT
Authors: M. Ross, J. Lee, et. al.
Program Number: 2895/F

Title: Multiplex Detection of Lung Cancer Driver Mutations: Simultaneous Assay of Single Nucleotide Variants (SNV) and Fusion Transcripts From Small Amounts of FFPE Samples on the nCounter® Analysis System
Date/Time: Thursday October 20th from 3:00 - 4:00pm PT
Authors: G. Meredith, J. Kargl, et. al.
Program Number: 2894/T

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NanoString Technologies provides life science tools for translational research and molecular diagnostic products. The company's nCounter Analysis System has been employed in life sciences research since it was first introduced in 2008 and has been cited in more than 1,300 peer-reviewed publications. The nCounter Analysis System offers a cost-effective way to easily profile the expression of hundreds of genes, proteins, miRNAs, or copy number variations, simultaneously with high sensitivity and precision, facilitating a wide variety of basic research and translational medicine applications, including biomarker discovery and validation. The company's technology is also being used in diagnostics. The Prosigna® Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay together with the nCounter Dx Analysis System is FDA 510(k) cleared for use as a prognostic indicator for distant recurrence of breast cancer. In addition, the company is collaborating with multiple biopharmaceutical companies in the development of companion diagnostic tests for various cancer therapies, helping to realize the promise of precision oncology.

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