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'Trump Steaks was bold?' Cuban and Giuliani get heated before final debate

Mark Cuban says he want to give Trump 'big hug' at debate

Mark Cuban and Rudy Giuliani sparred Wednesday about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's fitness for office, arguing about Trump's business acumen and the significance of Clinton's private email server while secretary of state.

Ahead of the final presidential debate in Las Vegas, Cuban, a Clinton supporter, and Giuliani, a Trump supporter, defended their choices for president over a more than 15 minute sit down with CNN.

When asked about the candidates' fitness for office, former New York City Mayor Giuliani contended Clinton should not be trusted because of her handling of classified information. He then touted Trump for his business success, which the billionaire Cuban countered by naming Trump products that fizzled and saying Trump is "crushing his brands" through the campaign.

Giuliani claimed that everybody has failures, saying that Trump had been "bold" in his business career.

"Trump Steaks is bold? Trump playing cards is bold?" Cuban asked of former Trump products.

They then sparred about Trump's treatment of women, as several women have recently accused Trump of groping them without consent. Trump has vehemently denied those allegations.

Giuliani defended Trump's previous comments about women, then highlighting that former President Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual assault. Cuban repeatedly asked what that had to do with Hillary Clinton.