The Definitive Guide to Business with Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis: Here's the best way to find great employees

Lemonis: An obvious place for great employees - is in plain sight
Lemonis: An obvious place for great employees - is in plain sight

Who you hire could make or break your business.

If you want to find great employees, stop scanning job sites or hiring headhunters, says entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis.

"There are certain positions where headhunting is a good thing — particularly on the financial or human resources side," the star of CNBC's "The Profit" said. "But oftentimes, you'll find the best people by asking the people that already work in the company if they have any references."

Marcus Lemonis, host of the CNBC show "The Profit"
Chris Haston | CNBC

Turn inward, he encourages. Ask for referrals.

By doing so, your employees will not only be attesting to the character of potential hires, but they'll be "putting themselves out there on a limb in terms of their credibility in business," Lemonis says.

Plus, "if a referral for a new hire comes from within, the ability for that person to integrate into the system and to be accepted in the workplace is quicker."

When you do find the perfect employee, don't let money hold you back from making the offer, Lemonis told CNBC in 2014: "People say they can't afford to hire them. I say they can't afford to not hire them."