Anderson Chiropractic Offers Natural Solutions for GI at Upcoming Health Workshop

MCMURRAY, Pa., Oct. 23, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anderson Chiropractic will present a “Natural Solutions for GI Health” workshop on Monday, November 14, 2016, at 6:00 PM. The free workshop will be held at Anderson Chiropractic's McMurray office. Guest speaker, Mike Gallagher, a certified lifestyle specialist, will address common GI topics such as abdominal bloating and pain, diarrhea, irritable bowel and leaky gut. Free samples will also be available at the event and interest parties are advised to RSVP as seating is limited.

According to Dr. Scott Anderson of Anderson Chiropractic, a solution on addressing GI problems naturally is much needed. "So many people today reach for medications to help alleviate their gastrointestinal problems. Oftentimes people take these medications to mask their symptoms without solving the underlying problems that are causing their symptoms in the first place. With simple lifestyle modifications, many of these people could improve their quality of life without relying on expensive medications that do not solve the problem."

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 51 million individuals visit physician offices, hospital outpatient, or emergency rooms with diseases of the digestive system being the primary diagnosis. The causes of these diseases vary from poor nutritional intake to genetic disorders, but many cases can be successfully managed with natural, homeopathic remedies.

"Our health begins in our guts," stated Dr. Anderson, "the digestive tract is a complex network of bacteria that send important signals to the rest of our bodies. If we can heal our guts, naturally, through diet and targeted nutritional supplements, we will not only see the resolution of our GI problems such as diarrhea and chronic heartburn but will detect an undeniable improvement in our overall health as well. When our guts are healthy, we have more energy, a brighter outlook on life, and a resolution of health problems we thought were chronic."

Mike Gallagher works with Nutritional Frontiers, a Pittsburgh company committed to providing the most comprehensive, researched, and therapeutic natural solutions to some of the most common medical problems. Mike Gallagher has over 20 years of experience in the nutritional industry and is widely regarded as an expert in how nutrition can affect a person's gastrointestinal tract. Combined with a diet of whole, fresh foods, limited dairy and meat consumption, and avoidance of sugar, Nutritional Frontiers provides condition-specific dietary advice and produces high-quality supplements in a tightly controlled manufacturing environment to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Anderson Chiropractic is located at 3821 Washington Road, McMurray, PA. In conjunction with this workshop, the practice is offering a new patient special including a consultation, full orthopedic and neurological exam, and a personalized chiropractic adjustment for just $149. To make an appointment or to RSVP, contact the office at (724) 941-5805. Additional information on their chiropractic and wellness services can be found by visiting their website at

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