North Richland Hills Optometrist Advantage Eyecare Now Offering Innovative Optos Retinal Imaging Technology

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas, Oct. 23, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The optometrists at Advantage Eyecare are pleased to announce the addition of Optos technology to their North Richland Hills optometry clinic suite of services. The Optos advanced retinal scanning technology called optomap allows optometrists and patients numerous key advantages.

With optomap, optometry professionals have the ability to perform a more in-depth, more comprehensive, more comfortable, and more accurate evaluation of the retina’s health. There is no need for eye dilation, which can otherwise cause a stinging sensation in the eyes as well as light sensitivity and temporary blurring of the vision.

Traditional methods of retinal examination only allow for 15 percent of the retina being visible at a time. Optomap technology allows for an ultra-wide digital image to be taken of the retina which shows optometrists over 80 percent of its internal structure. This makes it much easier for eye doctors to detect conditions and keep track of any eye health issues that might be developing. Patients may also view the resulting digital images of their retinas from their optomap scan if they wish.

Optomap retinal imaging allows the eye doctors at Advantage Eyecare to more thoroughly assess the internal structure of each client’s retinas. Current eye health can be more accurately determined and any emerging eye conditions can be detected early, when they are more treatable. Over time, client eye images can be compared with one another to detect changes or the progression of a condition so that ideal treatment measures can be taken.

Optomap technology can be used to determine numerous harmful eye conditions, those which are common and rare. These include but are not limited to macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal tears, eye tumors, cataracts and retinal detachment. Optomap retinal imaging can also determine eye conditions that might be arising as a result of chronic medical conditions or health issues such as diabetes or hypertension.

Dr. Mark Schwartz says, “We strive to always bring the latest in cutting edge diagnostic equipment and eye care technology to our clients, and the optomap imaging system by Optos is among the best available.”

Dr. Arlene Schwartz adds, “Optos technology is a powerful complement to our other comprehensive eye exam services including complete contact lens fittings and visual field testing. Clients also appreciate that with optomap retinal imaging technology, uncomfortable dilation of the eyes is not required.”

Advantage Eyecare is located at 6509 Precinct Line Road in North Richland Hills, Texas. They also serve the communities of Colleyville, Hurst, Keller, Bedford, Southlake and the surrounding areas with this innovative technology.

Those in the public who wish to receive more information about optomap imaging or book an appointment may do so by calling (817) 788-2020. Additional information about the North Richland Hills optometrist is also available on their website at

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