St. Joseph Chiropractic Now Offering Unweighted Treadmill for Enhanced Client Results

ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Oct. 23, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- St. Joseph Chiropractic is pleased to announce that they are now offering an unweighted treadmill for St. Joseph Chiropractic clients. This technology will bring added support, traction and therapeutic possibilities so that client results can be enhanced.

Unweighting is a therapeutic method of fully or partially supporting the body while the client is walking or performing another physical activity. The body is kept in an upright, functional position to help improve posture, balance and performance of that activity. Unweighted therapy can assist persons who suffer from orthopedic leg conditions, bulging or herniated discs, plantar fasciitis, gait or balance issues, scoliosis, and impairment from stroke.

When gait, stride or range of motion isn’t optimal, the body has to work harder using inefficient patterns. This can eventually lead to an overload on other muscles or joints. Compression, fixation and lack of mobility can be the result. The symptoms of the imbalance can eventually manifest as osteoarthritis, numbness, tingling or pain in the body.

Pelvic instability can lead to numerous lower body injuries. If there is pelvic twisting, muscular imbalances or other abnormal functioning, another part of the body is forced to compensate. Nearby muscles and joints can become overworked and irritated.

The body’s muscles interact with the nervous system in intricate ways. Muscles eventually register memory patterns within the tissues related to specific body movements. The more a muscle pattern is utilized, the easier it is to accomplish the related action or task. However, despite the successful integration, in some cases it is not being performed optimally.

The use of an unweighted treadmill reduces the effects of gravity to enhance neuromuscular re-education. Over time, the brain and nervous system are able to recognize and integrate a new or improved pattern.

Unweighted or partially weighted treadmill therapy can help with stabilizing the pelvis, which is the foundation of the body. This in turn can help to improve gait and stride for a more efficient walking and running pattern. Balance and posture are also markedly improved.

Dr. Craig Mattox of St. Joseph Chiropractic says, “The unweighted treadmill is invaluable in assisting the brain in communicating with the muscles to facilitate more efficient movement. Posture and performance are improved, and the client is less prone to injury.”

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Those in the St. Joseph, Savannah, Missouri and Elwood, Kansas areas who would like to learn more about their unweighted treadmill or who would like to book an appointment may do so by calling (816) 293-2036. Additional information is also available on the St. Joseph Chiropractic website at

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