Showt, the World’s First Instant Global Voting Platform, Launches to the World

DUBLIN, Ireland, Oct. 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Showt (pronounced “Shout”) Limited, creator of the world’s first Instant Global Voting platform, where everyone can express their positive or negative opinion about nearly anyone or anything, has launched its Showt iOS and Android apps, desktop and mobile website,, as well as its global online sentiment poll, Clinton-Trump Showt.

In partnership with almost 100 leading news and other websites around the world, the “Clinton-Trump Showt” widget gives people everywhere the ability to express how they feel about the Democratic and Republican candidates for US President, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and to have their views aggregated and reported on a worldwide basis -- a feature unique to Showt. Results can be viewed at

Showt is not a scientific poll. Rather, it’s a minute-by-minute record of public expression of sentiment and emotion. Showt gives everyone a simple means of public expression and the satisfaction of having their voices heard, counted and remembered.

Michael March, Showt Co-Founder and CEO said, “The election of the US President has a potential impact on everyone on the planet. Showt provides, for the first time ever, a way for people from every country in the world to participate in this historic election and have their voices heard.”

Mr. March continued, “Through Clinton-Trump Showt we intend to build awareness of the full Showt experience available on our apps and at where people express a simple Yes or No opinion about celebrities, athletes and other public figures, brands, organizations, pretty much everyone and everything they care about in their lives, and receive a ShowtBack reply to their Yes or No Showt.”

Showt launched Brexit-Showt on websites across the EU in June 2016, inviting citizens of all EU Member States to say Yes or No to Brexit. 37 news sites from all over the EU participated.

Publishers interested in the Clinton-Trump Showt widget can find an explanatory video and full details on Showt’s B2B site,

About Showt Limited

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Showt Limited is the creator of Showt (pronounced “Shout”), the world’s first Instant Global Voting platform. The advertising-supported Showt platform allows people everywhere, through its iOS and Android apps, desktop and mobile website,, and other channels the opportunity to express and share a positive or negative opinion about public figures, brands, organizations, music, film, television -- nearly anyone or anything -- and have their opinions be aggregated, replied to and reported on worldwide. For more information follow us on Facebook. Showt < Be Heard!

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