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Drink hot water with lemon? Here are 6 things Jennifer Aniston does each morning

By Rebekah Lowin
Actress Jennifer Aniston.
Getty Images

So you want to be like Jennifer Aniston?

Here's the thing: We do, too. And after reading her recent interview on the lifestyle website Well + Good, we're pretty convinced we could do it.

We're not saying it's going to be easy or pleasant, but it's possible. As in, it's within the limits of human capability. And since we'd jump at any opportunity to look, feel and be a little bit more like the 47-year-old former "Friends" star, that's all the encouragement we need to get started.

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So, without further ado: Aniston 101 is in session.

The actress begins by noting that she's frequently up at 4:30 a.m. Oy. Well, at least turning an alarm back a few hours doesn't cost anything. We're down.

"Usually when I wake up, I'll make my standard cup of hot water with a slice of lemon in there." Okay, sure. Nothing fancy or alienating about that. Jen: She's just like us!

"Then I wash my face — my whole face regime is just soap and water to wake myself up." Er, still easy enough, if a bit daunting to those of us who wake up with mascara debris on our eyelids and noses and pillowcases and ceilings.

"There's usually some sort of meditation at that point," our fearless leader continues. "Usually 20 minutes, or 10 if I can't get the full amount of time in. It's a set [Transcendental Meditation mantra] that I do every time." Listen, if we set our minds to it, anything's possible. Turn off our phones and try not to think about that cute guy or what's for lunch? Check, check and check.

"Then we have some breakfast." Ah, now we're talking. "Usually I'll have a shake" — so far, so good! — "with some sort of pure protein" — yes, please — "then bananas, blueberries" — still feasible! — "frozen cherries, stevia" — oh no — "a vegetable mix of dynamic greens that goes in there, maca powder and a little cacao."

Mayday. MAYDAY.

"Then I'll go do a workout of some sort."

Oh, man. We knew it was all too good to be true.

"I have a trainer, a wonderful woman who I do this spin-yoga class [with]. We spin for half an hour, and then do yoga for 40 minutes. That's pretty intense. Then I go to a gym, where I do strength training or just my own thing on the treadmill, the bike, or the elliptical, just to change things up. Keeping your body confused is always the key for me."

Well, this reporter's out. To those of you who choose to stay this road: May the odds be ever in your favor.

By TODAY's Rebekah Lowin. Read the original article here.

Actress Jennifer Aniston.
Getty Images
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