Drug Prevention Organizations Consider Legal Action to Stop Prop 64 and Any Further Proliferation of Marijuana

Lincoln, CA, Oct. 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

“PROP 64 has the potential to destroy this state and nation,” according to Roger Morgan, Founder of Take Back America Campaign. Science demonstrates that today’s highly potent pot is harmful to the brains of anyone under age 25. It is a cause of psychotic breaks leading to violence, mental illness, suicides, addiction, birth defects, physical harms, including cancer, and a doubling of traffic deaths owing to marijuana impairment. For all of those reasons, it is illegal under federal law.

Take Back America Campaign and Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana, two drug prevention education groups, are considering legal action.

“The legislative analysis for Prop 64, and the ballot description presented to voters, is nothing short of voter fraud. It is criminal!” Morgan says. “It glorifies the ridiculous possibility of up to $1 billion in tax revenues, with no mention of social costs which, like tobacco and alcohol, will be 9 to 10 times greater. In Colorado, 40% of sales are still made by the black market sellers who don’t pay taxes. In states that have legalized the tax revenues are absorbed by enforcement and health costs, and schools haven’t received the promised revenue,” explains Morgan.

From an environmental standpoint, the groups say marijuana is already posing problems. There are over 50,000 illegal outdoor cultivation sites in California. Marijuana plants are water hungry and contribute to the state’s water shortages. Pesticides and rodenticides used by the industry and illegal grows add toxins to our soil, poison our wildlife and water.

“Prop 64 would enable anyone in any home or apartment to grow 6 plants. That is impossible to control. That would make access for kids and their friends even easier than it is, and encourage home invasion robberies. Further, if you don’t believe the stench and pesticides from next door marijuana grows will destroy the quality of your life and value of your real estate, talk to anyone that experiences that today,” adds Morgan.

Says Scott Chipman of Citizens Opposed to Legalization of Marijuana (CALM), “Proponents talk about $100 million in savings in law enforcement, but don’t tell you that is because Prop 64 will make drug dealing legal; or that drug dealers will be released from prison so they can sell more drugs.”

Carla Lowe, also of CALM, points out that “today’s highly potent marijuana, particularly as waxes and oils used in edibles, dabbing and vaping, have in too many cases proven fatal. ER visits have increased exponentially in ‘pot legal’ states. Homelessness, crime and mental illness are up dramatically …. particularly among the black and Latino populations in Colorado. For that matter, 59% of all arrestees in Sacramento test positive for marijuana.”

“The first and most important responsibility of elected officials is to protect the people. Gavin Newsom has clearly revealed that his allegiance is not to the people of California, but to the out-of-state billionaires. Their mission is to control our state by controlling him, while dumbing down and destroying our youth. We cannot let it happen,” emphasizes Morgan.

Take-Back America Campaign is a California based drug awareness and prevention campaign (501c4). Roger is also Chairman and prior Executive Director of the Coalition for A Drug-Free California. He is author of two books published on digital sites Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, called MARIJUANA: Brain Damage. Birth Defects; Addiction; and SOROS, The Drug Lord; Pricking the Bubble of American Supremacy. See tbac.us. Follow Roger on Facebook.com/stoppot or visit his website at stoppot2016.com or in Twitter @nopotnoway

Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana (CALM) is an all-volunteer Political Action Committee dedicated to defeating any effort to legalize marijuana. They are a dedicated group of individuals, parents, business owners, medical professionals, crime and safety officials, young and old - all working to defeat the legalization of marijuana in California and other targeted states. See calmusa.org.

Roger Morgan (916) 434 5629, media@stoppot2016.com Scott Chipman (619) 994 7480 Carla Lowe (916) 708 4111

Source: Take Back America Campaign 501c4