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Cramer Remix: Two things to make Twitter more attractive to buyers

Cramer Remix: Two things that can make Twitter more attractive to buyers

As soon as Jim Cramer heard the dreaded words "cuts forecast" from Amazon on Thursday, he knew the stock would get clobbered.

When a company announces worse-than-expected numbers and then cuts the forecast, that is just what happens, Cramer said.

On the flipside, Alphabet reported sharply better-than-expected numbers, and the stock went up in after-hours trading.

There was another category of earnings that caused stocks to jump, and Cramer found it quite peculiar — the category of "not as bad as we thought."

Twitter almost pulled this off on Thursday as its stock flew in the morning because the trajectory of its daily average users was actually positive. Wall Street expected the company to report a horrendous number, but that didn't happen.

"It genuinely wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. Twitter did beat on both revenue and earnings. Plus, I think that this number makes it more likely that Twitter can come back into play … especially if they develop something that can use machine learning to actually knock off the trolls," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer expects that potential acquirers could again return for Twitter, as closing Vine and reducing the workforce while showing growth could make it more attractive to buyers.

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Cramer has witnessed institutional investors suddenly pouring money into groups that have stalled and been neglected. These very big sectors have suddenly come alive, and he says it could mean good things for the stock market.

"The banks, the oil service companies and the airlines. All groups that the market had given up on for the last year, all inching back, all primed to explode higher if just a few more things go well," Cramer said.

ServiceNow's stock flew more than 7 percent on Thursday after the company reported an earnings beat and in-line revenues and provided bullish guidance for both next quarter and the full year. Management also outlined several valuable new client wins on its conference call, which helped the stock rise higher.

ServiceNow is the cloud-based software company that helps corporate IT departments develop internal applications, and provides enterprise software that can help clients automate non-revenue generating functions. This includes human resources, legal, finance, security and facilities management.

Cramer spoke with ServiceNow's President and CEO Frank Slootman, who explained how the company delivered accelerated revenue growth, up 37 percent year-over-year.

"It's a function of us really hitting on all of our cylinders when all of our channels, all our geographies and a lot of new product segments are all kicking in at the same time. You go into overdrive, and you sort of saw the effects of that," Slootman said.

Rich Williams, CEO of Groupon
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Shares of Groupon dropped more than 22 percent on Thursday following the company's announcement that it had acquired competitor LivingSocial for an undisclosed sum. The company's CEO Rich Williams said he was confused by the sell-off, and that the acquisition was "non-material."

"It was a non-material acquisition. We look at that in multiple ways, both the financial side and now with what we know about with integrating businesses and operating this business well; we don't see it as a material distraction from our day-to-day operations," Williams said.

Groupon made a significant comeback this year, with the stock up more than 70 percent for the year as of Wednesday. When it reported earnings, both the top and bottom line numbers were slightly better than expected. It is also growing its user base and expanding overseas.

Sometimes Cramer likes to dive in with privately held companies that are shaking up the industry they are in. One of those companies is Earnest, the online lender that specializes in student loan refinancing and personal loans.

Using Earnest, people can borrow online, and it charges a lower interest rate than conventional banks. Cramer spoke with the company's co-founder and CEO Louis Beryl, who explained that what makes Earnest unique is its thorough underwriting process.

While many traditional lenders use a simple credit or FICO score to analyze prospective borrowers, Beryl explained that it takes into consideration the full financial profile of individuals. This includes bank accounts, past debts and assets.

"That is something that no one else is doing, and we are doing it by connecting directly to their online financial accounts … I think ultimately we are totally vertically integrated, and we rethought from first principals how would you assess someone," Beryl said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

FireEye: "I can't recommend a stock on a takeover basis when the fundamentals aren't that good. The one that I have been liking is Proofpoint, because that does the email blockage which is really what you have to worry about now."

Shopify: "It's up too much. It's up too much. It's up 60 percent, that makes me nervous. I know it's doing well, but it is up too much and I want to be a little cautious here."