Cub Scout Pack 313 Celebrates Halloween with Advancements on “Ichabod Crane Night”

CLEARWATER, Fla., Oct. 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Tuesday October 25th, 2016, Cub Scout Pack 313, chartered by the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, got together at Camp Soule in Clearwater for their “Ichabod Crane Night.” It is the night when the pack reviews recent rank advancements and enter their hand-carved jack-o’-lanterns for a contest in which everyone wins. On Tuesday night, nine Cub Scouts also received their Bobcat badge, demonstrating their knowledge of the basics of scouting.

Hand-carved pumpkins from “Ichabod Crane Night by Cub Scouts Pack 313, a pack chartered by the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization.”

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The Ichabod Crane Night tradition was started 20 years ago by Scoutmaster Tom Wright. Since then, over 200 Scouts have received awards acknowledging them for their hard work on their pumpkins. The meeting on October 25th was no different. One Scout received the award for the “Rock Star Pumpkin” while others received awards such as the “Scariest Pumpkin” and the “Pumpkin that Most Resembles the Cub Master.”

“L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, was an Eagle Scout himself and looked highly upon Scouting,” said Dylan Pires, the Community Affairs Director for the Church of Scientology and Eagle Scout. “He accredited many of his life skills to the Boy Scout program.”

Pack and Troop 313 are open to boys of any faith, as is any troop. Boys in the Scouting program are encouraged to be faithful and loyal, as laid out in the Scout Oath and Law.

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Source:Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization