Robert Binkele, CEO of the Estate Planning Team, joins the prestigious Forbes Finance Council

INDIAN WELLS, Calif., Oct. 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Estate Planning Team, Inc. (“EPT”) is pleased to announce that its founder and president, Robert Binkele, has been invited to join the prestigious Forbes Finance Council and has accepted the invitation from Forbes. Forbes Finance Council is an invitation-only organization for executives in accounting, financial planning, wealth and asset management, and investment firms.

Mr. Binkele is considered one of the nation’s most successful financial advisors, managing funds for high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families as well as family foundations, charitable organizations and other enterprises. In addition, Mr. Binkele is also considered one of the preeminent experts in the area of tax deferral upon the disposition of highly appreciated property and businesses. In fact, helping people diversify out of real estate and businesses is truly Mr. Binkele’s forte. Through EPT, Mr. Binkele works with a national alliance of financial and real estate professionals and their clients on novel capital gains and estate tax deferral strategies; most prominently, the Deferred Sales Trust™ strategy (“DST”).

In essence, the DST utilizes Section 453 of the Internal Revenue Code (the installment sale provision) to defer and time the payment of capital gains obligations upon the sale of highly appreciated businesses and property. The growth of EPT over the past twenty years has been phenomenal. Mr. Binkele has successfully tapped into the growing demand for comprehensive tax and financial solutions on behalf of owners of highly appreciated real estate and businesses throughout the country who didn’t want their hard earned wealth to be depleted by oppressive capital gains and estate taxes. According to Mr. Binkele, “These people needed more than just sound financial advice, they needed a proven strategy for retaining the use of more of their wealth for themselves and their families. EPT provides this by way of a unique and effective synergy between its sophisticated team of tax professionals and its financial services partners throughout the country. The tax team, the legal team and the turnkey marketing plan, designed to educate baby boomers, have all been key to the success of EPT.”

The DST has been vetted and lauded by various law firms, accounting firms and financial professionals throughout the United States. These include an array of major national firms with prominent state and federal tax practices. Not surprisingly, the team at Forbes Finance Council recognized Mr. Binkele’s success as a financial advisor and as an executive. As Mr. Binkele’s success stems in large part from his achievements at EPT and the growing prominence of the Deferred Sales Trust™, this can be seen as an acknowledgement of the fact that the DST has truly come into its own as an accepted strategy for tax deferral. The overall scope of Mr. Binkele’s triumphs and the fact that he is clearly at the top of his game led the Forbes team to issue the invitation to Mr. Binkele and he was thrilled to accept.

Mr. Binkele is affiliated with independent broker-dealer, Centaurus Financial®. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, Centaurus Financial® is an independent broker dealer and registered investment advisor (RIA) that formed in 1992 to provide a platform for independent financial advice and services. Centaurus Financial® was recently ranked as one of the top 40 independent broker-dealers based on gross revenue for the twelfth consecutive year according to Investment News. In 2015, Centaurus Financial® moved up in the survey to #39 with $134 million in total revenues. This revenue growth cements Centaurus Financial® as one of the fastest-growing independent broker-dealers in the country. Throughout its twenty-three-year history, Centaurus Financial® has enjoyed consistent growth as a premier service provider to independent financial advisors and the clients they serve.

Estate Planning Team, Inc. is the exclusive licensor of the Deferred Sales Trust (DST). The DST utilizes IRC § 453 (installment sales) to allow owners of highly appreciated property (real estate, businesses) to sell these assets and defer the payment of capital gains taxes. The sales proceeds are placed into a trust that pays the seller a predefined interest rate each year and the principal is taxed at the applicable capital gains tax rate when it is returned to the seller. For more information or to register for a free webinar on the Deferred Sales Trust™, please contact Kari Smith (866) 779-5339. To learn more about the Estate Planning Team, visit the company website at To read more about the Deferred Sales Trust™ go to

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