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Cramer's game plan: Why the selling tsunami will spill into Monday

Cramer's game plan: Why the selling tsunami will spill into Monday

Jim Cramer watched as billions of dollars were shifted out of healthcare stocks, to technical and industrials, and then out of the market altogether on the news that the FBI is probing new emails related to its investigation of Hillary Clinton.

While Cramer doesn't know what will happen with Clinton, the rapid decline in stocks signaled that investors need more certainty in the current environment.

"I do know that this market seems to want some certainty or it wouldn't have plunged so hard midday," the "Mad Money" host said.

It was one of the most vicious rotations Cramer has ever witnessed. Health care stocks, which were already under pressure for election season, had massive declines stemming from monster shortfalls. Cramer expects the madness to continue next week.

With this in mind, Cramer outlined the stocks and events on his radar next week:

Monday: ZimmerBiomet, General Electric – Baker Hughes news
Zimmer Biomet: Normally Cramer would advise investors to buy on weakness. Considering that the stocks are all in the doghouse, he's staying away.

GE-Baker Hughes deal: Cramer will be looking for clarity on what General Electric is doing with Baker Hughes. The limbo is too much for Cramer.

"While my charitable trust owns GE, if it gives away its oil and gas business at the bottom, where I think it is now, I believe that would be a colossal mistake that might make the stock no longer worth owning," Cramer said.

Tuesday: Royal Dutch Shell, Occidental Petroleum, Pioneer Natural Resources, Gilead
Royal Dutch and Occidental: This group has been all over the map recently. Oil fell on OPEC output concerns on Friday. If it continues to slide next week, Cramer recommended taking advantage of the weakness and doing some buying. He liked Pioneer Natural Resources because it has the best growth of all of the independents.

Wednesday: AmerisourceBergen, Clorox, Time Warner, Facebook, Whole Foods
AmerisourceBergen: Cramer expects the healthcare madness to continue, as he suspects AmerisourceBergen — along with Cardinal and McKesson — has also been a victim of the price war for generic business. If AmerisourceBergen can bounce, Cramer thinks the stocks could put in a bottom.

"Until then, though, don't go near the drug wholesalers," he said.

Time Warner: Cramer plans to listen to the conference call when Time Warner reports to find out more about its decision to be purchased by AT&T for $85 billion.

Facebook: The company has a history of reporting strong numbers, but the stock has run up going into the quarter. Historically, Cramer said it pays to wait until after Facebook reports to buy.

Whole Foods: Many buyers are waiting for Whole Foods to turn around and may be tempted to buy the stock after it reports. Cramer considers that a mistake, and advised investors to take a guilty-until-proven-innocent approach and wait for the turn to happen.

Thursday: Starbucks, Skyworks Solutions
Starbucks: Cramer's charitable trust has been buying Starbucks with a long-term perspective in mind, even as he expects that the U.S. may not have strong numbers. However, its overseas markets have been strong. He recommended waiting and seeing what Starbucks has to say to see if it is possible to buy lower.

Friday: Non-farm payroll
This will be the last non-farm payroll report before the election. If it is strong, Cramer said the market should brace itself for a December rate hike.

"We can't just focus on the quarterly reports without thinking about the broader prism that keeps stocks in check or checkmate, depending on how you look at it," Cramer said.

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