Starbucks barista peeks at new holiday cups, posts to Reddit

A Starbucks location in Times Square, New York
Scott Mlyn | CNBC
A Starbucks location in Times Square, New York

It looks like Christmas has come early for Starbucks coffee drinkers.

While the company's famous, or, perhaps, infamous, holiday cups aren't due out until November, a Starbucks barista appears to have pulled back the lid and revealed the newest design.

Reddit user DasUberSquid posted a photo on the social media website on Thursday, showing a red Starbucks cup with a sketched pattern of a bird and holly leaves with the caption "I peeked."

"Our holiday plans are still under wraps," a Starbucks spokeswoman told CNBC.

DasUberSquid declined to comment further about the cups. However, Reddit user The_Greenskeeper posted that there are three different designs in each sleeve.

Social media posts about this year's cups began cropping up earlier this week featuring the boxed-up cups labeled with a big red sticker reading "no peeking."

- 'Tis the Season - #tobeapartner #nopeeking

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Consumers have long speculated about this year's design after last year's controversy over Starbucks' plain red holiday cups.

The iconic Christmas cup has featured several winter-themed designs since it first appeared in 1997. From minimalist snowflakes and hand-drawn reindeer to a winking snowman and decorative ornaments, each year the design is distinctive and different from the last.

Last year's holiday cup design was simplistic: an ombre from bright red to dark cranberry. While some Twitter users praised the minimalist design, others thought the cups are a "war on Christmas."