Trump gives only $30,000 to campaign, making little progress toward $100 million pledge

Trump contributes $30K to campaign, making little progress

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed he will have personally given $100 million to his campaign by Election Day, but he barely made any progress toward that goal in early October.

The Republican presidential nominee contributed just over $30,000 to his campaign from Oct. 1 to Oct. 19. That brings his total contributions for the election cycle — mostly from forgiven loans to his campaign — to about $56 million, well short of his target.

However, Dow Jones reported that Trump wired $10 million of personal money to his campaign Friday to help fund television ads, citing two Trump advisors. Trump told Fox News he would do so, but he did not guarantee he would reach $100 million in contributions, saying "we'll see what's needed."

Even with the addition, he would fall $34 million short of his $100 million target.

Trump largely financed his own primary run but turned to more traditional fundraising mechanisms in the general election. Still, he has personally given about 22 percent of the $254.9 million in total receipts his campaign has reported this election.

Trump may start spending more heavily in the final push to the election. He trails Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in most recent polls nationally and in many key states, and his campaign had only $16 million on hand as of Oct. 20. That total was about a fourth of Clinton's cash.

In a fundraising email sent Thursday, Trump pledged to match campaign donations until the end of the month with triple the amount given.