Clinton’s email probe is going to help her beat Trump: Analyst

Why the FBI's latest email probe could benefit Clinton

The email scandal that is threatening to upset Hillary Clinton's campaign to be president could, in fact, help her, according to one analyst.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has announced it has re-opened its probe in to emails related to the private server of the Democratic nominee.

The pick-up of the FBI's investigation has boosted support for Republican rival Donald Trump, closing the reported nine-point lead Hillary Clinton held over her rival as recently as last week.

Real Clear Politics' poll of polls now shows the GOP nominee with the support of 43.3 percent of voters. Clinton retains a slight edge with 47.6 percent support of the electorate.

Xenia Wickett, Head of the US and the Americas Program at Chatham House told CNBC Monday that the scandal and narrowing polls could help Clinton.

"Trump voters are very enthusiastic about Trump so they will come out to vote.

"Clinton voters are often not so enthusiastic about her, so if people see the polls are cloning closer together the level of complacency that many hold will be removed and lots of people will therefore come out for Clinton that otherwise might not," said Wickett.

Need to know: FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails

The probe announcement comes two days after FBI Director James Comey revealed the existence of potentially incriminating emails on the laptop of ex-Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner.

In response, U.S. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid wrote to FBI director James Comey accusing him of double standards and of violating federal law.

Wickett told CNBC that Comey had been placed in a particularly difficult position.

"If he hadn't revealed what was being looked at then he would have been slammed by Republicans but he did reveal it and now he is being slammed by the Democrats.

"He was in a no-win situation," she said.

A spokesman for the Clinton campaign said he remained confident the fresh probe would not produce any different conclusions to those reached by the FBI in July.