OMNOS Soundbar Will launch soon on Kickstarter

BEIJING, Nov. 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In recent years, more families have opted for fashionable slim flat-panel TVs. The thin body inevitably comes at the expense of constrained built-in speakers and limited sound quality. Soundbar emerged to compliment flat-panel TV speakers, and eliminate wiring and spatial speaker arrangement headaches faced by many of the traditional home theater systems. It established itself as an integral element of the modern home. Not only enhancing the home entertainment experience, but also the visual presentation of any living room.

Yinkman Labs, established in July 2015, is a Chinese start-up company focused on research and development of high-tech audio technology and products. With its advanced immersive panoramic audio technology, Yinkman plans to build a series of intelligent audio equipment and related products for mobile devices.

Yinkman Labs integrates its proprietary immersive core algorithm perfectly with the soundbar system – the result is the revolutionary OMNOS. OMNOS creates stunning immersive sound effect even in confined space.

OMNOS has seven 2-inch aluminum diaphragm full-range speaker units, carefully positioned in unique independent cabinet setting, which maximizes the single-channel sound experience. Two ceiling facing speakers in the soundbar are designed to achieve 3D sound, and one speaker on each side of the soundbar to stimulate surrounding sound. In the center are three speaker units emanating sound waves right toward the audience.

OMNOS’s three sets of speakers constructs immersive panoramic sound effect through spatial reflection, crosstalk cancellation and HRTF algorithm technology. The 6.5-inch wireless subwoofer of OMNOS home theater system churns out low-frequency response to 40Hz, showcasing its low-frequency sound control and extensibility. The mighty 200W output power delivers perfect enveloping panoramic immersive sound at a whistle.

In an elegant Nordic minimalist style, OMNOS quietly hides under Yinkman’s exclusive custom acoustic wool fabric exterior to bring extreme warmth and gentle touch to the home.

Wondering about the mobile app? OMNOS boasts OMNOS Play, an advanced tuning app that condenses sophisticated soundbar tuning into a simple one-button touch right from your fingertips. OMNOS Play also works as a remote control.

OMNOS can connect via Bluetooth or WI-FI, and support 192kHz / 24bit high audio resolution. It is equipped with two HDMI ports (HDMI 2.0 protocol), can transmit 4K video and audio signals swiftly, as well as content protected under HDCP 2.2 standard.

OMNOS harmoniously blends soundbar technology, performance and price, and positions itself as the perfect choice for smart home theatres. OMNOS will soon launch on Kickstarter. For more OMNOS information, please follow Yinkman Labs Facebook page.

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Source:Yinkman (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd