Make Me A Millionaire Inventor: 'Millennial Markets' Gallery

George meets Harrison, the inventor of Drop Shades—novelty glasses which react to sound.

While trying out the Drop Shades for the first time, they fall off George's face while he is dancing. Not a good sign.

When George meets with the team at Bluefish Concepts, he asks them to make the Drop Shades more stable and to add a bit of bling.

Harrison really likes the look of the new Drop Shades. Plus, the Bluefish team pay him a compliment. His light bars were so good that they didn't change them at all.

LA-based DJ, Roman Aloy, loves his new 24K gold plated Drop Shades. A fact that can clearly be seen while he's performing.

After a mini-bidding war, Harrison settles on an offer from Shaun Neff who promises to mentor Harrison though the process.

Deanne meets Savannah in Palo Alto, CA. Savannah has invented VAL, a portable video studio that can make a live video stream look more professional.

Deanne gives VAL a try. She likes the stability and lighting it offers but thinks it's a bit bulky.

When Deanna shows VAL to the guys at Bluefish Concepts, she asks them to make it slimmer and sleeker plus add a mic and a handle.

Savannah is thrilled by how the new version of VAL looks. She thinks this new version of the device is a slam-dunk.

The new VAL needs a field test and who better to do it than a room full of millennials, plus Periscope user Justin Phillip and tech guru Kara Swisher.

Savannah and her current partner, Elisa Jagerson, pitch VAL to Alicia Syrett of Pantegrion Capital. Unfortunately, the fact that they've spent all of their money and can't fully protect VAL doesn't help either. No deal.

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