Trump launches $25 million battleground ad blitz for final week

Trump campaign spending $25M on ad blitz

Donald Trump's campaign said Tuesday it is spending $25 million on battleground state ads in the election's final week, signaling that it sees opportunities in some contests that looked out of reach.

Trump will buy ads in Colorado, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Wisconsin and Virginia, states that most recent polls have signaled lean toward Hillary Clinton. He will also buy ads in battlegrounds Florida, Iowa, North Carolina and Ohio, states with tight races or a Trump lead.

The Trump campaign later said it will also buy ads in Pennsylvania after not including the state in its first statement. Almost all recent surveys have shown Clinton with an advantage in the Keystone State, which has 20 Electoral College votes.

Trump's team has contended that it could take some blue-leaning states like Michigan and Wisconsin despite a solid Clinton lead in recent polls. Trump campaigned in Michigan on Monday and in Pennsylvania on Tuesday before he hits the trail in Wisconsin later in the day, one week before Election Day.

In a statement, Trump's campaign said Tuesday it sees Florida and Ohio "decisively turning" toward the Republican candidate and is witnessing "strong growth" in North Carolina.

Most recent polls in Florida and Ohio have leaned Trump's way, but he will need to win more battleground states than those two to win the presidency.