Why Cher loves emojis

Cher explains her excessive emoji obsession

If you've ever taken a glance at Cher's Twitter profile, you've probably noticed her widespread and obsessive use of emojis, popular smileys and emoticons included in Android and Apple iOS systems.

The legendary pop star spoke to CNBC at the Fast Company Innovation Festival, and said that her affinity for emojis came out of her struggle with dyslexia and issues of being able to express herself.

"I'm dyslexic and I made no sense," Cher said. "Sometimes I couldn't even read my own tweets."

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Cher also expanded on the new idea of maintaining brand control through social media for this generation.

"There wasn't branding when I was young really, it wasn't like it is today," Cher said. "You just didn't have a bunch of people come in, polish you up, get you a clothing line, teach you everything, and you know, you're out. I'm so old school."

While Cher is still getting used to utilizing emojis to communicate with fans, she's acknowledged that she's already been able to accomplish good things and raise awareness through Twitter.

"I'd like to be able to make myself heard even if no one is listening," Cher said. "I've learned things, I've been able to do some actual good on Twitter you know. And I voice my opinion about certain things."

One issue she's been voicing her opinion on Twitter is the 2016 presidential election, saying "of course with the presidency being in such turmoil ... I'm all over it truthfully."

Either way, it doesn't seem like Cher's emoji obsession is fading anytime soon.