Giuliani suggests he knew about FBI's new Clinton review before it was public

Rudy Giuliani
Getty Images

Donald Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani suggested Friday that he knew about the FBI's review of new Hillary Clinton-related emails before it was made public last week.

On the Fox News program "Fox & Friends," the former New York City mayor and Trump advisor talked about frustration some FBI agents had with Clinton during the investigation into her private email server. He said anger toward Clinton had "been boiling up in the FBI" before Director James Comey's letter last week.

The news re-ignited concerns about Clinton's handling of classified information and sparked debate over the FBI's partisanship and possible influence on the election.

"I did nothing to get it out. I had no role in it," Giuliani said of the email revelation. "Did I hear about it? Darn right I heard about it. And I can't even repeat the language."

Comey told lawmakers about the review of new emails in a letter last week. They were found during a separate investigation into the devices of Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

Comey wrote that "the FBI cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant," and reporting since has indicated that many of the messages may be duplicates of some the FBI has previously seen.

Though Comey did not accuse Clinton of any wrongdoing, it has not stopped Trump from alleging criminal activity on Clinton's part and raising concerns about her ability to be president.

The FBI declined to comment. The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.