Circle Chiropractic Center, PC Provides Holiday Chiropractic to Prevent and Treat Injuries

FAIRFAX, Va., Nov. 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Individuals who keep busy during the holiday season can benefit from chiropractic adjustments. An increase in physical activity, such as lifting, carrying, raking and decorating with poor posture and spinal imbalances can cause back pain or injury, reports Circle Chiropractic Center, PC. Fairfax area residents looking forward to the holiday season can reduce their stress and move easier with preventative chiropractic adjustments. Enjoy the holidays with gentle and effective chiropractic care to prevent and treat spinal imbalances and physical stress at Circle Chiropractic Center, PC.

Common holiday activities that can lead to back problems and spinal imbalances include decorating the house, setting up the tree, raking leaves, slipping on wet or icy surfaces and ice skating. Performing any activity for a sustained period of time, such as holding up a string of lights while decorating, or raking the yard using only a favored arm, can cause significant distress in the neck, shoulders, elbow, back and more. Those with bulging or herniated discs are susceptible to injury, but anyone can incur an injury resulting in unnecessary discomfort and reduced range of motion.

Avoid injuries by bending and lifting from the legs, alternating small tasks, and taking breaks during activities that require repetitive movements. Consider warming-up with stretches before heavy lifting or sustained repetitive activities. Wear supportive footwear with arch support and protective padding or clothing for ice skating, skiing and other holiday sports.

Studies show that manual chiropractic therapies can assist in the prevention and treatment of conditions causing back pain and referred pain. Complementing services, such as therapeutic massage, is often a welcome relief to those experiencing stress during the holiday season.

“As November begins, many people are unpacking seasonal decorations, preparing big family meals, and traveling to visit friends and loved ones. This all places additional stress on the body and chiropractic care can reduce the issue and any accompanying discomfort,” said Dr. Christopher Frey. “As an experienced chiropractor, I can assess a patient’s body and use non-invasive methods to ensure optimal functioning of the spine and its supported structures. Education is also essential to avoiding injury and managing current issues.”

Dr. Christopher Frey of Circle Chiropractic Center, PC serves residents of Fairfax, Vienna, Oakton, Reston and the surrounding communities of Northern Virginia and the Washington DC metropolitan area. The team has provided patients pro-active family healthcare from the inside out since 1981. Services include chiropractic adjustments, spinal and postural screenings, interferential electrical muscle stimulation, corrective exercises, lifestyle changes, nutritional advice, massage therapy, acupuncture, spinal decompression therapy and laser therapy.

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