Ginter Eyecare Center Educates Patients on Decorative Contact Lenses and Dangers of Purchasing from Unlicensed Retailers

LUBBOCK, Texas, Nov. 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Many patients enjoy switching up their eyewear for decorative contact lenses for special events, parties and daily use. Consumers interested in decorative contact lenses should not purchase lenses without a prescription, reports Ginter Eyecare Center. Decorative contact lenses are now a popular item and there are many unlicensed retailers of the specialty lenses. Colored contact lenses and decorative contact lenses should be purchased with a prescription from trusted optometrists and eye doctors.

The American Optometric Association, a well-regarded optometry association, offers this warning to vision patients and the public at large, wearing lenses without a prescription can place eye health at risk. Contact lenses should only be purchased from stores or websites that require a prescription; otherwise the retailer is selling them illegally. Serious health issues and the risk of permanent vision damage can occur from contact lenses not properly prescribed for a patient. All contact lenses are considered as medical devices and require a valid prescription, even if the contacts aren’t being worn to correct vision.

According to past-chair of the AOA’s Contact Lens and Cornea Section, Dr. Glenda Secor, OD, stated that the potential problems of wearing unlicensed contact lenses include bacterial infections, allergic reactions and damage to the eye’s ability to function properly. Doctors of optometry are concerned that in a recent AOA survey, 26 percent of Americans that have worn decorative contact lenses who do not require vision correction purchased them without a prescription from sources other than a reputable eye doctor. An eye doctor can ensure proper fit and instruct individuals on how to care for decorative and colored contact lenses.

“Once permanent damage had occurred to the eye due to contact lenses that are purchased from an unlicensed retailer, it is too late to reverse the effects,” said Dr. Steven Barclay, optometrist with Ginter Eyecare Center. “Contact lenses that are decorative or colored and do not offer vision correction still require a prescription and eye doctors can ensure that the contact lenses selected are suited to the needs of the consumer. We are happy to educate consumers on proper handling, answer any questions when it comes to decorative and colored contact lenses, and ensure that people can enjoy a fun night out without serious consequences to their eye health.”

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