Protect against identified Zero-Day threats with Exodus Intelligence and EclecticIQ Platform

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exodus Intelligence and EclecticIQ today announced a partnership that will allow corporations and governments to track Zero-Day vulnerabilities, which represent some of the most difficult challenges faced by cyber security professionals.

From the moment a Zero-Day vulnerability emerges, enterprises remain open to attacks until a patch is released and applied. Yet until now, enterprises have lacked a reliable mechanism to become aware of the existence of Zero-Day vulnerabilities prior to patch release. Consequently, enterprises have been unable to take alternative protective measures, or even be made aware if their networks are affected by a known Zero-Day vulnerability.

Starting today, exclusive Zero-Day Metadata Access (ZMA) from Exodus Intelligence is now directly accessible through EclecticIQ Platform. With this capability, enterprise cyber security teams will have immediate knowledge of new Zero-Day vulnerabilities, allowing them to more quickly investigate their susceptibility to these critical threats, put into place temporary countermeasures, and track the activities of adversaries trying to exploit Zero-Day vulnerabilities.

For the first time, enterprises can protect themselves against unpatched threats. Using key features of EclecticIQ Platform, enterprises can dynamically transform metadata for selected Zero-Day vulnerabilities into rules that feed into popular Intrusion Detection and Protection Systems (IDS/IPS), including the open-source Snort IPS. This level of security automation represents a new approach to defending against Zero-Day vulnerabilities that is unique to the cyber security industry.

Logan Brown, CEO of Exodus Intelligence, said: “Exodus is excited to launch our partnership with EclecticIQ. Through the integration of our Zero-Day Metadata Access with EclecticIQ Platform, we are not only increasing enterprise awareness of Zero-Day vulnerabilities, but also allowing them to detect exploit attempts and protect against these critical threats.”

Joep Gommers, CEO of EclecticIQ, said: “Exodus Intelligence, a clear leader in its category, has created a unique offering for vulnerability intelligence, that combined with our Threat Intelligence Platform, brings actionable insights to our mutual clients.”

The integration between Exodus Intelligence and EclecticIQ Platform delivers an unprecedented level of security to enterprises.

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About Exodus Intelligence
Exodus Intelligence provides clients with actionable information, capabilities, and context for proven exploitable vulnerabilities. Our world class team of vulnerability researchers discover hundreds of exclusive Zero-Day vulnerabilities, providing our clients with this knowledge before the adversaries find them. Our research also extends into the world of N-Day research, where we select critical N-Day vulnerabilities and complete research to prove whether these vulnerabilities are truly exploitable in the wild. For more information, visit

About EclecticIQ
EclecticIQ works with large enterprises, governments and MSSPs to improve cyber threat detection, prevention and response.

EclecticIQ’s analyst-centric EclecticIQ Platform boosts effectiveness of Threat Intelligence practices and intelligence-driven SOC and CERT operations. EclecticIQ Platform automatically collects intelligence from diverse sources; enables collaborative internal workflows; integrates with enterprise security technologies; and supports secure exchanges with external information-sharing communities.

The company won Deloitte’s Technology FAST50 Rising Star Award for “Most Disruptive Innovator.”

EclecticIQ is a member of OASIS CTI TC and affiliate member of FS-ISAC.

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Source: Exodus Intelligence