Tempo Integrates with HipChat, Connecting Teams and Work Through ChatOps

REYKJAVIK, Iceland and LISBON, Portugal, Nov. 08, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tempo, a leading provider of work productivity solutions for teams using Atlassian JIRA, today at Web Summit 2016 announced a new integration with Atlassian HipChat that will create more powerful and productive teams. The new integration between Tempo and HipChat brings awareness, collaboration, and action to a single place. This increased awareness and collaboration will enable teams to prioritize, discuss, and complete work faster and with confidence by bringing greater transparency to the work process.

“The hallmarks of modern software and business teams are culture, collaboration, and effective, flexible work tools,” said Vidar Svansson, CPO of Tempo. “ChatOps unites all of these principles, helping organizations communicate more effectively so they can solve problems, ship new features, and complete projects faster. This new integration with HipChat and Tempo securely and simply connects people, processes, and work tools in a single place, integrating time-tracking activities directly where work is being discussed. We believe it will change how teams work and become a natural part of their daily workflow.”

Connecting teams with work in HipChat

Tempo’s new integration with HipChat will result in more powerful tools for planning and tracking work, as well as enhanced team collaboration for the enterprise. Popular in enterprise settings, HipChat is a group chat platform that provides persistent one-on-one chat, group chat, video chat, file sharing and integrations. Teams that use HipChat are able to adopt ChatOps — a collaboration model that connects people, tools, and processes in a single transparent workflow.

With Tempo’s new integration, teams can take advantage of the benefits of ChatOps: better collaboration, faster feedback loops, and greater transparency throughout the development and project process. Users can log work directly from the HipChat interface, which allows for better connection with their tasks and team. Team members can use Tempo as their to-do list and track their daily tasks in JIRA.

"Using the unique capabilities of the HipChat Connect integrations framework, specifically cards, actions and the visual glance view, we have integrated the Tempo user experience directly into team conversations to make the work experience seamless for end users," said Arnthor Snaer Saevarsson, Tempo Team Lead & Product Designer. “Tempo for HipChat leverages the conventions of the chat experience, making the task of tracking time as simple as chatting.”

Availability and Pricing

Tempo for HipChat is a free extension for new customers subscribing to Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Cloud, and will be available in the upcoming weeks via the Atlassian Marketplace and through the Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Cloud configuration. Sign up to be notified when it is available at http://tempo.io/hipchat/.

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