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Walgreens files lawsuit against Theranos

Walgreens filed a lawsuit against Theranos, demanding a jury trial.

The drug-store giant is seeking $140 million in its breach of contract lawsuit, which alleges that it was misled by Theranos, Dow Jones reported.

A public version of the complaint will be filed within seven days after Walgreens and Theranos confer on information that needs to be redacted, the motion said.

Walgreens declined to comment to CNBC.

In June, the pharmacy operator formally ended its relationship with Theranos, after the embattled health care company voided a number of test results. The move closed 40 Theranos Wellness Centers at Walgreens locations in Arizona.

Theranos did not immediately respond to CNBC's requests for comment.

— CNBC's Ryan Ruggiero and Bertha Coombs contributed to this report.