Dr Doom Marc Faber sees Trump win as boom for commodities and Russian assets

Marc Faber: Obvious Trump trade is to own Russian and Kazakhstan assets
Marc Faber: Obvious Trump trade is to own Russian and Kazakhstan assets

The foreseeable future under a Donald Trump presidency will prove beneficial for commodities and emerging markets, investor Marc Faber said Wednesday.

With huge infrastructure expenditures underway in Asia, "within the stock market ... anything that is commodity-related will do well," Faber, who publishes the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street."

He said that there is another notable trade investors should be eyeing in connection with the Trump win.

"The obvious trade with a Trump victory is to own Russian and Kazakhstan assets — bonds and equities," Faber said. "That is the obvious trade for the simple reason that Mr. Trump has a more benign view of the world and respects the perspective of foreign leaders."

As for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Trump has notoriously opposed over the course of the presidential race, Faber believes it is off the table.

"But," he noted, "many Asian countries were not all that much in favor of TPP to start with ... so I don't think that it's a negative."

Faber said nowadays, Asia is "China-centric" — in other words, more dependent on the Chinese economy than that of the United States.

Trump's stance on China has been largely negative over the course of his campaign. His seven-point trade plan promises to bring trade cases against the Asian nation and accuses it of currency manipulation, among other claims.

The Republican won the office of president Wednesday morning after a highly contested and polarizing race against his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.