US debt surpass $20 trillion in under two months with Trump: Marc Faber

Markets didn’t move much following Trump news: Faber
Marc Faber
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Donald Trump's presidency will be powerless to prevent U.S. government debt from soaring beyond $20 trillion in under eight weeks, Marc Faber, the publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report, told CNBC's "Street Signs".

Dr. Doom

Trump will be much better president for world peace: Marc Faber

Faber, who is also known as Dr. Doom for his typically downbeat calls condemned monetary policy in the Western world and stressed it would not have mattered whether Clinton or Trump had been elected president as neither could turn the tide on government debt.

Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the U.S. on Wednesday in a stunning upset of investors' expectations.

Faber told CNBC: "Under Trump or under Clinton, the deficit will have gone up substantially. Monetary policy has essentially failed.

"Over the last 12 months, U.S. government's debt increased by 1.4 trillion dollars and will hit 20 trillion dollars very quickly… within a month or two," added Faber.

Western democracy 'basically bankrupt'

Uncertainty in global markets following Trump victory

Faber also attacked the frequency of low interest rates throughout the Western world and argued that it represents a major problem for pension funds and insurance companies.

The U.S. and the euro area interest rates are 0.5 and 0 percent respectively.

"Most informed observers know that Western democracies are basically bankrupt. The unfunded liabilities are a huge problem. The zero interest rates are a huge problem for pension funds and for insurance companies," said Faber.