Access: Middle East

A look inside the rich culture of Lebanon

How Lebanon finds its ‘creative juices’
Lebanon: A ‘very ancient cauldron’ with various elements bubbling away?
‘Making food, not war’ in Lebanon

For this edition of "Access: Middle East," CNBC's Hadley Gamble headed to Lebanon to take a look at the culture and history of the Middle Eastern country.

"Living in Beirut, having to go through the war like we did, 17 years of war, it has really marked us," Bokja's Co-Founder Hoda Baroudi told CNBC.

"There is a certain fragility, there is a certain precariousness that brings out your creative juices, it is the only thing that can keep you grounded and keep you going."

In the latest episode of CNBC's "Access: Middle East", Gamble sat down with a number of people from Lebanon, with comment from author Philip Mansel who talks about how competition among Lebanon's various factions has created a rich and vibrant tapestry of trade and industry.

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