Child of immigrants amasses set of Ferraris worth $12 million

Jay Leno swoons over a man's $12 million Ferrari collection

Some people dream of owning a modern classic Ferrari.

Emphasis on the word "a." As in one. Singular.

Then there's entrepreneur David Lee, who has five Ferraris worth nearly $12 million. He shows them off to Jay Leno during an episode of CNBC's "Jay Leno's Garage."

David Lee helped take his father’s jewelry business to the next level.
Source: CNBC

"This is almost too much for one person to take in," Leno admits. "Any one of these would be just incredible."

Almost as incredible as the family story of David Lee, whose father, many year ago, swam across the delta from Macao to Hong Kong, kept afloat only by two volleyballs and a net. Many others died making the same journey.

With no money, his father became an apprentice for a gem stone carving master. He honed the skill for five years and decided to take his knowledge to America where he saw an opportunity to open a jewelry shop.

After college, David joined his father and helped take the family business to the next level. The kind of level where you can afford to spend massive amounts of money on your passion for fancy cars.

Lee says, "The product is great. It makes you look so good."

Jay Leno checks out the Ferrari collection of David Lee.
Source: CNBC

Unlike many Ferrari owners who maintain low mileage to keep the cars as investments, Lee actually likes to drive his prized possessions.

He explains, "I couldn't tell people how it really feels."

Instead of trying to articulate the feeling, Lee lets Leno get behind the wheel of his $1.4 million 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari to experience it for himself.

An appreciative Leno gushes, "I think I'm in love. This is just fantastic."

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