Disney’s Iger hopeful about Trump presidency

CEO and Chairman of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger.

Disney CEO Bob Iger was a big supporter of Hillary Clinton's run for president, donating to her campaign and reportedly co-hosting a Hollywood fundraiser this past summer. Following Clinton's defeat on Tuesday, Iger said he respects the decision of American voters to elect Donald Trump and is hopeful about the future of the country.

"America voted and made the decision to put Donald Trump in the presidency. I respect that decision, accept that decision," Iger said Thursday in an interview on CNBC following Disney's fiscal fourth quarter earnings report.

Iger said he was "hopeful" about events that have transpired since Trump's victory speech, including a meeting Thursday between President Barack Obama and Trump. "The signs are good that there is a smooth transition," he said. "I love the way both the incumbent president, President Obama, and the president elect, Donald Trump have managed this so far, and I think that's a very good sign."

'I'm only hopeful': Bob Iger on President-elect Trump

When asked what impact Trump's presidency will have on his business, Iger said that while it's "way too early to speculate," a number of tax code changes will eventually come into play. "There is going to be far more energy around attacking the tax code, changing the tax code, closing loopholes on corporate taxes and lowering the base."

Iger also said the Trump presidency will likely make the United States more competitive on the world stage. "We're not as competitive as we need to be as a country. I think that is going to be addressed on a timely, meaning a fast basis. That's certainly good."

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