Make Me A Millionaire Inventor: 'Making Green' Gallery


Deanne meets Mario, the inventor of the Hive Genie, a bee monitoring system.

Deanne gives the Hive Genie a try but she's a bit distracted by all the bees!

Deanne shows the Hive Genie prototype to the guys at Bluefish Concepts and explains her vision.

When Mario sees the new version of his Hive Genie he is can't believe how good it looks

This group of beekeepers is excited about the Hive Genie but they don't want to pay much for it.

When Mario meets with the team behind Hortau, they give him some tips that completely change his business plan.

Alex Cena, the managing director at Puritas Capital, makes Mario an offer for $50K! Mario has a deal.

George meets with Matt and Adrian—college students who have created a home-based water filtration system.

George tries the Mowa but he's more than a little disappointed by how long it takes the system to purify water.

When George takes the Mowa to the guys at Bluefish Concepts, he asks them to increase the filtration speed but they can't figure out how.

Matt and Adrian love the look of the new, improved Mowa! They want to take it home immediately.

Since Matt and Adrian have done extensive field tests in Kenya, George decides not to do one in Philadelphia, where the boys are in school.

Alicia Syrett, the CEO of Pantegrion Capital, is challenged by the fact that Matt and Adrian don't know who their competitors are but she still wants in. She offers $20K and her advice in exchange for 1% of the equity. They gladly accept!