Research wrap: Wall Street rethinks Trump victory, bullish now

A pedestrian walks past a Wall Street subway station near the New York Stock Exchange.
Michael Nagle | Bloomberg | Getty Images

The same Wall Street that said "look out below" Wednesday after the Trump election win is re-thinking the new President-elect's ramifications and is now bullish.

Here is the best research Thursday on how to trade Trump's victory. Click the link for the full story.

1. JPMorgan says Trump's win is 'pro-growth' for the market; buy infrastructure stocks

JPMorgan told investors the market will rally into early next year due to optimism about the Republican economic agenda.

"We interpret the U.S. election outcome with a Republican sweep as pro-growth for equities," strategist Dubravko Lakos-Bujas wrote in a note to clients Thursday.

2. Credit Suisse: 'Toned down' Trump to spark growth, lift bond yields; what to own

Credit Suisse believes much of Donald Trump's rhetoric on nationalism is likely to fade away as he takes the Oval Office, which should result in continued economic growth and spark a rally in a group of stocks that align with his political agenda.

3. Goldman says ride the 'reflation' trade on Trump's victory by selling bonds, buying gold

Goldman Sachs told investors to sell government bonds and buy gold as a hedge due to the prospect of future inflation from Donald Trump's economic agenda.

4. These are the best sectors to own during Republican sweeps, Bespoke says

With Republicans set to take control of the Oval Office, Senate and House come January, Bespoke summarizes the sector performances in the three post WWII sessions of Congress where the Republican Party had full control in Washington.